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Sunrise IVF continuously works toward bringing down the cost of the IVF treatments with the best treatment plans for various sections of society.

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Our fertility clinics are staffed by IVF specialists, embryologists, nurses, and administrative staff where each possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in infertility treatments. Each of our fertility specialists is dedicated to providing patients with expert, compassionate and personalized care.

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SUNRISE IVF : Best fertility and IVF Centre

Gifting the Joy of Parenthood

We are committed to bringing fertility treatments to couples all over the country. At SUNRISE IVF, we offer industry competent expertise, care and comp ion. Our clinics offer a wide range of state-of-the-art fertility treatments tailored to our patient, that keeps our business extremely patient centric.

From IVF to laser assisted hatching, we offer every service to enhance fertility. As and when required and indicated, we offer a donor program as well as assist in surrogacy. All of this is done under expert guidance and while abiding by the law of the land.

Fertility & IVF related FAQs

We have heard Egg collection Process is painful. Is it true?

The procedure is not painful as it is done under light sedation, but may cause mild discomfort. At our clinic, we use mild anesthesia administered through an IV route which relieves discomfort.

What is the success rate of IVF?

Success rates strongly depend on the age of the patient, their condition, medical history and the treatment used. Indira IVF has a record success rate which ranges between 70- 74%.

However by leveraging advanced technology and standardising the procedures, we are constantly working towards improving the IVF success rates.

When should I opt for IVF?

The IVF procedure can be prescribed in cases where the other fertility treatments have failed, or if the chances of a successful pregnancy are higher with this method than with any other treatment.

If there are no contraindications, the procedure can be carried out simply at the request of the couple by considering that precise time as the right time for IVF.

How IVF Process works

In this process the female egg is taken out under anaesthesia and fertilized with the husband’s sperm in the lab. The embryo formed after 3-5 days is transferred back in the uterus.

In which cases, IVF is performed?
  • Tubal-peritoneal factor-

Violation of the patency of the fallopian tubes leads to the fact that the egg cannot penetrate into the uterine cavity. In this case, you can either try to restore patency using a surgical laparoscopic operation or perform IVF and implant an already developing embryo into the uterine cavity.

  • Male factor-

This diagnosis is made when the quality of sperm is not high enough. If the number of healthy active sperm is too low to conceive a healthy child, it is better to resort to ART.

  • Endometriosis-

Mild forms of endometriosis usually respond to surgery and hormonal treatment. If, after the therapy, pregnancy does not occur, then the doctor sends the couple for IVF procedure.

  • Age-related infertility-

Age plays a vital role when we talk about deciding the right time for IVF. With this factor of infertility, it is desirable to supplement the standard IVF procedure with ICSI and assisted hatching methods.

  • Anovulation-

Anovulation is usually treated with simpler methods, such as hormonal stimulation combined with IUI. But if it’s unsuccessful, you can always use the IVF method.

  • Unexplained infertility-

If it is not possible to establish an accurate diagnosis, and the therapy is unsuccessful, the doctor may advise the couple to resort to the IVF procedure.

How much time does IVF take?

May involve 2-3 visits:

  1. One day for check-up / Pre-IVF preparation
  2. 15 days for IVF procedure (Second Visit)
  3. Embryo transfer (Required only in some cases)
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Specialized center for Infertility Treatment

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